Sunday, January 17, 2021


Hi There! Today I'm hopping along with the other Growing In Unity artists from the past couple of months. As always, Unity is generously giving away a prize to the lucky winners chosen from the comments left on all of the blogs during this hop. Make sure to follow the links below. 

Speaking of generosity, I decided to create with and feature some of the gifts I have received from Unity. Among them is a little canvas bag that came in one of my membership kits, a cute Gnome that was a freebie a while back, and a large shipping tag. 
 One of my favorite things to create is stuffies. Sweet little felt cuties created by stamping onto felt and sewing them together. They are a labor of love and worth every minute...and pinprick! It's truly a special moment when they're complete, it's like the rubber stamp has come to life. Just look at that little guy! Ahh! I love him!

I also stamped the large heart from Loads of Love. I sewed the design with regular thread then stuffed it up so my little Gnome would have a comfy buddy. 
The canvas bag was stamped using the background sized image from the current KOM and then I traced the designs with embroidery floss. I hope to develop real embroidery skills this year and create some really beautiful things. 
Finally, I channeled the Queen of tags, Angela Magnuson, and dressed up a large shipping tag that came as a gift with one of my orders. Angela just celebrated a birthday, which means great deals are happening at Unity! 
*both stamps I used on the tag are from previous KOM's. Love is from 09/19 & the heart border is from 01/13

That's the blog for today friends! Have a great time hopping and commenting from blog to blog! 

Wednesday, December 30, 2020


 Hi there! I’m back with a little peek at a set of cards I made late on Christmas Eve for my daughter to give out to family members. It turned out so cute and went together quickly. The little foam gingerbread guy fits right in with Unity’s candies from the 10/13 KOM “Oh Christmas Tree” and the background called “A Little Christmas Carol” 

Now for the announcement you came here for!! 😁 

Congratulations you two! Be sure to message me or email me your address within 2 weeks! scrapaholic007 @ yahoo. com - no spaces 

Friday, December 25, 2020

 Merry Christmas! 

My last post this week features my very favorite SMAK kit Look Up and Get Lost.
You might recall I used this kit for my 2020 Year in the Life journal as well. If you have the opportunity to get this versatile kit, don't hesitate! Unity just announced that SMAK is ending this month. :( 

I used the Moon phase images to create jewelry for gifts. Black shrink film was punched with 2.5-inch circle punch and another small punch was used in the places where the jewelry rings, clasps, and the keyring would attach to them. The moons were stamped using acrylic paints on some and white pigment ink on others. The paint held up to the heat shrinking a lot better than the pigment inks. This was a very quick and fun project. I really love how they turned out. 

Thanks for visiting this week and be sure to pop into the comment section for a chance to snag a grab bag of Unity Rubber! 

Have a wonderful day!  

Thursday, December 24, 2020

My Little Moon

Yesterday I mentioned that Phyllis Harris draws just for me. I became convinced last January when she shared a new illustration she had created during the first full moon of 2020. I requested to purchase it immediately. We had a conversation about it and she mentioned that she "just sat down to draw and didn't even realize that it was the first full moon of the new decade." I shared with her the special connection it has for Aurelia. She was born on the first full moon of 2018. Her middle name chosen months before her birth is Luna. My loving nickname for her is Auri Moon. 

Anyway! Much to my happy surprise, Phyllis released that image as a stamp! It's called, Together We're Better and I used it to create this light-up monogram for Auri's space here at my house. 

Most craft stores carry these letters in various styles and sizes, the one I used is made of cardboard and is hallow so it was very easy to work with. It's 8.5-inches high and 1-inch thick. It stands perfectly on its own.  I cut the back off and cut a hole in the front where the moon would be so that when I added the light, a C-7 bulb used for Christmas village houses, it would glow softly through the paper. 
I traced the letter onto Mixed Media paper and did a lot of masking to fill in the bottom with the neighborhood homes and trees. I used inks, pencils, gel pens, and chalks to color everything. There is some white paint splatter and shimmery accents throughout. I added a second layer of clouds for some dimension. The trees were borrowed from the KOM called Twinkle and the Houses are from House a Home
Thanks for stopping by this Christmas Eve. I hope everyone in your life is healthy and wish you all a very Merry day.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020


On January 2nd my granddaughter will turn 3 years old. She has been an absolute light in our family. Especially during this traumatic time. She keeps the vibes happy and keeps us all too busy to dwell on the negatives. 
Phyllis Harris knows the embodiment of childhood, I swear she has drawn some of these just for me! 😏 
This card features the kit, All About Balance. This little illustration is definitely Auri, she's learning balance and actually lays down the basketball stand to practice. (Future gymnast?) How about that 3 on the t-shirt?! And, if you look closely you can see the little band-aid on her ankle. LOL!! I mean, come on! It couldn't be more perfect! 

I colored her with color pencils and accented her with gel pens. I used some printed paper from an old paper stack from DCWV, a banner die, and an alpha die for her name. The gifts and teddy bear are little bits I borrowed from other kits, Joy & Things & More Blessed to Give.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Coffee, Books, Thanks.

Hello! Today I have a set of thank you cards for friends that supported a book party I hosted for my granddaughter. 
I have a confession. I am awful at getting things mailed. I make, set aside, and make something else. Sometimes that works out in my favor. A few of you reading this will find these in your mailbox sooner or later. 😖 

This set was made using the Small Details background stamp, Chapter One and Love is in the Pages on the envelope. The pages of the book were gilded with gold flakes. The books were softly colored with watercolor. 'Thanks' was computer generated, then cut with my Scan-n-Cut. They were spritzed with homemade shimmer spray. I embossed the purple panel with a swirl design to tie in the steam from the coffee or teacup. 

Make sure to leave a comment before you go; freebies from Unity are up for grabs! 
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Monday, December 21, 2020

2020 life journal

Hi Unity friends! It's been a really difficult year for us all. The separation anxiety, the stress of adjusting to changing the way we conduct life, the effects it has had on us all. I was super pumped and ready for this feature last November when the lineup was announced. I had all my projects planned and started. I was happily teasing all of you Unies and making beautiful progress until May when my family endured a life-altering event that really knocked the wind out of me in every way. I'm still finding my footing in this new arena.

The entry below was written back in early May of 2020. Shortly after, life changed and my special year-long project suffered a setback.💔

I am determined to complete it anyway so I kept this post as scheduled. 

Hello GIU followers! it's so good to see you again! I've been looking forward to this week since last year!

When my name was selected for GIU 2020 back in November of 2019 I was instantly inspired to create a journal dedicated to the amazing Unity & Unie family. The timing was perfect since my week landed at Christmas (again) giving me an entire year to complete my week of projects. I took advantage of the opportunities a year gave me. Immediately after my week was announced the ideas and inspiration began overflowing! So much that I had all but one project started before February 2020 arrived! Eventually, I did start second-guessing myself and got nervous that I might not be as excited for these creations in 10 months on reveal day. I also took into consideration all the new stamps Unity would release this year! Oh, man... Yikes! However, the beauty of working ahead gave me the opportunity to take my time, make changes, and not be stressed during the Christmas season.

For my first project, I created a mini journal documenting 52 weeks of my life using Unity's generous, "gift with purchase" paper bags, tags, and Unity stamp images from my collection. When I planned this the Pandemic hadn't yet begun. Luckily it didn't seem to matter as I am generally a homebody by nature.  
I've had this idea brewing for quite a while and I’m so relieved the timing was right to finally start on it. I had saved each little paper bag and tag Unity sent me for several years. I wasn't entirely sure what I would use them for but I knew it would be something special although I never imagined that I would also be documenting historic times of our world.

If you'd like the details of the pages keep reading below!
Thank you for joining me again this week! Don't forget to comment each day for a chance to be chosen to win a generous grab bag from Unity Stamp Co. 

Here's how I created the bag book:
counted out the amount of bags needed for 52 weeks. I folded them in half and arranged them so that the openings matched - one side of the bags natural opening is shorter, those were flipped to meet each other face to face - I punched five holes in the side and bound the bags with the jute that Unity had included in one of those gift bags. I kept the binding snug but loose enough to allow the pages to still lay flat when opened.

The cover was created using the Kit of the Month “Crazy Tragic Life” from December 2015 and SMAK “Look Up and Get Lost" from July 2018 
I literally slapped and splattered ink and paint until I was happy, then went back and filled in the details with pearl ex powders, glitter paints & gel pens
I used the Sun from the SMAK kit on the front and the moon, stars, and constellation map on the back. I wanted to give the feel of a whole day. The hummingbird and sentiment from this KOM was just perfect for the title of my little journal. It reads, "I love this crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful, beautiful life." Which I discovered are song lyrics. Their design layout fits the center of the sun perfectly. 

I painted the hummingbird with Pearl Ex powder medium and powders, the entire bird shimmers just like a jewel. I added details with gel pens and accented it with glitter glues in various colors. They are a little hard to see but I filled in the empty areas with the trio of feathers from the KOM as well. I really love how it turned out. 

✋I originally planned to break this up over the whole week. Because of the situation, I decided to only share the first several weeks. Maybe I will share more at a later time. 

Week 1 & 2 
Firstly, I created a little notebook that fits in the first pocket. It contains a recap of 2019 and the struggles I had endured with severe anxiety and depression. I wrote about how the fellow Unies, Unity designers, and the Magnuson family helped me survive. I expressed my gratitude and dedicate the album to them all. I also do a bit of rambling. LOL! 
I used: "
Frazzled" - a grungy stamp from "I am Who I am"  - the sentiment
Breathe Deep is from the Itty Bitty "Tiny Mountains.The inside is also stamped with the Itty Bitty "Strong & Beautiful
Week 1- My granddaughter turned 2. I used Itty Bitty "She Always Knew" (Retired) and the balloon from "Sweet Elle" to represent her. 
I bought an exercise bike for my health journey and used the bike from KOM "Be My Bird"
We had the first full moon of the year/new decade so I used the moon from SMAK "
Look Up and Get Lost"
The whole background is stamped repeatedly with the sentiment "This will be the best year yet!" From "
Midnight Kisses" "hello New Year!" is also from that kit. 
To create the background I sprayed distress dyes onto the back of glittered tissue paper concentrating blue on the right for week two's night sky. The bike was stamped onto tissue in order to create the reverse image of it since I wanted the bike to face the opposite direction of its natural state. It worked perfectly. Because the background was so saturated it worked out to continue stamping all of the images onto tissue paper. I softly rubbed white paint with my finger over the areas where the images would sit so they stood out a little more from the background. I ended up at this point after many different attempts. I was so unhappy at one point I almost quit. But the white paint and tissue saved the day! I'm very happy with the final result.

Week 3 & 4

Week 3 - Been sick and housebound since Christmas, have a sinus infection but I'm finally recovering from the stress of moving, unpacking, decorating, and hosting dinners during the holidays. Finally the house as a home and loving it so much. Used "Heartfelt Warmth" and a grab bag goodie H O M E from "House a Home" faintly visible on edge under "love."

Week 4 Used "GiGi Party" to represent my dog Charlie who has had a horrendous time adjusting to our new home. I resorted to buying a sound emitter to train him and calm him down. Miraculously it works!
I masked off GiGi's party hat and cape, drawing on arms and a tail instead. 

The background was created by using the leftover paints from the house and another project by dipping a coarse sponge into it and twisting it, creating the swirls. I felt the swirls were fitting to depict dizziness from my illness, the sound waves from the sound trainer and it matched the circle designs on the large Heart-Felt house stamp... it's so large the whole thing didn't fit on the page!

Week 5 & 6 

Week 5- We have a Woodpecker that visits my Catalpa tree daily. I spent time with him/or her while having coffee this week. For this page I used the Itty Bitty Blu and just tweaked him a little to look like my friend.     
Week 6- I Love that my house is lined with huge Calla Lily's. My Grandparents had them around their house too. I didn't have a Calla Lily stamp from unity so I had to improvise again. I used the big flower from Blow Your Mind. You might recall I used that flower as a Poinsettia a few years ago too.  I just love its versatility. I used the biggest petal in the center and for the stamen I used the grunge element from You Can Do It. Because I had been so creative that week I used the Art sentiment from Let Adventure kit, which isn't on the Unity site right now. 
lots of goodies on these little pages
Week 7 & 8
I LOVE how this turned out! More art referencing and it was Oscar week! I had received a grab bag stamp of a group of vintage men from this KOM. I used one of them as my model for my oscar statue. 😁 He's perfect! 
Left: Unusual Day Poppy & Stay Classy 
Right: SMAK It's a Feeling 

 Week 9 & 10
 reached for the kit I wrote about in the mini-notebook this week. 
Don't Give Up & You Are My Person

Unity typically sends shipping tags in these gift bags. I also saved those over the years. When I began the bag book I also began preparing the tags. I splattered and sopped up the excess paints and inks (from other projects as well) with them to create interesting backgrounds. The tags tuck into pockets perfectly and give extra space for more images and journaling.
I hope I will feel inspired to work on this Life Journal again after Christmas. Despite everything that was going on, I managed to keep notes and follow the tips that I wrote out below.
Before you leave, make sure to pop into the comment section for a chance to win some Unity stamps! 
Thanks for stopping in! 

*Quick Tips
  • If you’re ready to take on a 52-week journal like this I recommend keeping a lot of notes instead of relying on memory. I used post-it notes with the week numbers and dates through the entire book then added important details to them so they were ready for me when I had time to spend creating art in the book.
  • Work in batches. As long as your notes are current it’s ok to fall a week or two behind (4 weeks is only 4 pages) this gives you time to think about what images would work best with your life at that time.
  • Keep it simple. These are small pages and it taught me to not overthink or try to cram everything onto a page.
  • If you’re blogging about your book, work ahead and don’t publish until completed. This keeps you from getting overwhelmed by a large volume of content all at once. This includes links to products used.
  • If you're sharing publicly on any platform you're bound to be asked the who-what-where's of your supplies. Keep notes of what is used while creating so that you are able to mention/link them quickly without struggling to remember. 
  • Each bag can have an opening - the closed bottoms can be cut open for more pocket space if needed throughout the year.
  • Tissue paper (gift wrap style) works perfectly for reversing images or covering a mistake, trust me! I learned this week one! LOL! 
  • Mistakes are fixable - Also learned week one! my first two pages were a mess! I almost gave up right then. White paint is amazing. Combined with tissue paper... MAGIC!
  • Use what you have but keep your materials lightweight. The paper bags are super forgiving and a great substrate but they are thin so keep things light.
  • Scraps and small leftovers from previous projects are perfect for adding accents and notes.
  • Dictate your notes to save time. Email them to yourself and paste them into your blog. This is such a time saver and can be done anywhere! 

Monday, March 9, 2020

Overly Inspired

I've had some pleasant life changes recently, things are finally in our favor.
We moved over the holiday season. It took months of searching, lots of disappointment and eventually the perfect one for us appeared. We feel so at home here and believe it is the perfect place for us. Now that I'm recovered from the move, holidays and illnesses, my art room is set up and full of light and inspiration!
I currently have several projects going at once and I hope to rein in the flow of creativity to a steady stream rather than a flood that runs dry just as quickly. In effort to do just that I am working on a personal weekly project. The project is small with big benefits as I'm finding that working on it is almost like a warm up phase for other projects.
Along with that, I have several other items begun. I'm working a year in advance for upcoming events throughout 2020, It feels good to have a plan in place. I've always been a "procraftinator" and worked great under pressure. Lately, I've found that I'm no longer able to enjoy the creative process while rushing to get it done. It's nice to play and experiment with have time to change things if need be.
One of the first creations from the new art room was this personalized frame for my niece. She turned 14 and is into gothic style skulls and villians. No problem, right?

I used a couple different stamps sets, silver embossing, glitter and silver leafing. Her name was cut several times and stacked for dimension. I spritzed it all over with shimmer spray and added it to a 5x7 frame. It's so cool in person! Lots of shine and shimmer, with so many little hidden images to look for. I love how it turned out and thankfully, so did she.
I went in the opposite direction for her card and used holographic embossing powders to highlight the skulls repeatedly stamped throughout the background. The skulls continue inside the card and onto the envelope as well. I decided to use the leftovers to make a gift tag.
I really enjoy themed gifts like this. I was excited to receive a request for a dinosaur themed gift set for a party this spring so watch for that one! 

Stamps used:
Framed piece
Skull - Inkadinkadoo Halloweenscapes
Flourishes - Rhonna Farrar for Autumn Leaves
Flourishes with words - I lost the packaging & cannot recall the manufacture
Smaller skull - TAC
Sentiments - Unity

Friday, May 10, 2019

Well, Pooh!

My sons childhood buddy is expecting his first baby, a boy due in early July. (YAY! maybe on my birthday!) The baby's room and shower theme is Winnie the Pooh. I am a Disney fan but have never really paid much attention to Pooh bear. I have no idea why, he's adorable. Due to my ignorance I was utterly lost when initially starting this personalized gift. I knew I wanted to make a monogram since I happened to have a wooden 'L' for Luca handy. How to make the 'L' Pooh themed without it being contrived was another hurdle. I decided to cover the 'L' with honeycomb. That was the first step. I used a hexagon embossing folder coated with heating embossing medium and pressed and heated the shapes onto soft yellow cardstock.

 I liked that it was slightly messy and imperfect; more organic looking. Then I used pearlized powders and paste to make the hues of honey.
Once the 'L' coating reached its happy place I had to figure out how Pooh would fit in. I imagined him sitting or standing on the lower portion of the 'L' and tasting the honey, but he seemed too small and not prominent enough. I decided to look for images of Pooh on the web and within my Disney scrapbook stash. I decided that in order for Pooh to be large enough to compete with the size of the letter, he needed to be reaching into it for a taste of honey. I came across a pattern in a Creating Keepsakes idea magazine from 20 years ago(!) that was perfect.

 I just tweaked it a bit and went for it. The rest of the process was just incredulous to me because I truly have no idea what wizard possessed me and created the end result. All I know is, I am absolutely amazed and proud of this little guy! I really can't believe I made it! I'm a little embarrassed at just how proud I am over it. But thats Ok.
Honestly, the hardest part was selecting the background paper! I settled on some older SU! designer paper with a cloud print from my stash. Pooh, is essentially a partial stuffie made from felt. He's positioned and adhered to the background. The bumble bees were created with yellow pom-poms, black chenille pipe cleaners & vellum wings stamped with a texture design. I painted the edges of the letter with red paint to acknowledge Pooh's iconic t-shirt.   

 I adhered the monogram to the back and edge of a frame. It can be freestanding or a wall hanging.
The frame is 8x10 size.

I made a couple cards as well. The only stamp I had of Pooh was tiny! It fit perfectly on the SU! onesie from the set "Made With Love." This onesie became official Disney merch when I stamped the inside collar with its label image and hung it on a wire hanger (made from a paperclip), completed with a big inflated price tag. The tag is stamped with an image from Unity's "Stinkin Cute" set.

 I had some old Creative Memories paper with Pooh on it. I cut him out and got him messy with honey. He sits on a grassy hill with a perfect cloudy sky background I created with distress inks. I added in little bees and a honey pot from the classic SU! set, "Button Bear." 

Thanks for stopping by!

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